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Going Green

Committed to being Environmentally Conscious

The City of Venice Utilities Department continues to reduce energy
consumption to create a greener world and save city customers money.
Some recent accomplishments include:

• Replacement of three city vehicles with energy saving Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles. Colorful decals make these cars easy to identify.
• Replaced all outdoor lighting at the water reclamation and water production
facilities with energy efficient LED lamps.
• Implemented the Toilet Rebate Program again in 2014. This program is cooperatively
funded by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Since its inception,
more than 600 customers replaced high flow toilets or urinals with low-flow,
water-saving units that require 1.6 gallons or less to flush. This conservation
program saves money for both the customer and the city.
• Converted to low-flow fixtures throughoout the Utilities Department.
• Solar energy is being used with several meters and fixtures. Included are meters
located at the water reclamation facility and a bulk storage pond in Waterford. The
water production plant has a solar powered urinal.
• Free water conservation kits are available to all city customers. These kits include a
water-efficient showerhead, faucet aerators, dye tabs, educational material with water
saving tips, and a plastic tote bag, designed to help determine the water usage amount.
• The latest “green” initiative at the water production facility is the reuse of process sample
water that previously went to the sewer. It is now pumped to storage tanks and used as
irrigation water for “Florida friendly” landscape.
• The latest “green” initiative at the water reclamation facility is the installation of a diesel
oxidation catalyst (DOC) unit on the plant’s diesel engine. In an effort to meet the carbon
monoxide (CO) reduction in emissions requirement mandated by the National Emission
Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, this DOC unit was installed to reduce emissions
by at least 70 percent. The RICE MACT CO Emission Test conducted in February, 2014
resulted in emissions reduction exceeding the requirement by more than 15 percent.
In the future the Utilities Department will experience even more savings:
• The upgrades to the water reclamation facility’s aeration basin, grit removal system and
other plant electrical systems will anticipate a 40 percent reduction in electrical costs.
• A new bio-scrubber being installed at the water production plant to reduce the
hydrogen-sulfide odors will eliminate the need for chemical purchasing and treatment.

The following are links that provide further information about
recycling and green initiatives:

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