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Permit Applications
'What Requires A Building Permit? Construction Permit Form Administrative Appeal Application Venice Fire Depart. Alarm System Registration
Minor Work Permit Construction Permit Modification Form Annexation Application  
Sign Permit Application License Agreement Application Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application  
License Agreement Concurrency Determination Application  
  Right of Way Use Authorization Form Conditional Use For Height Application  
  Site Preparation Permit Form Preliminary Plat Application  
   Turnover of Improvements to the City of Venice Form Rezoning Application  
    Special Exception Application  
    Site and Development Plan Application  
    Site Plan Amendment Application  
    Temporary Use Permit Application  
    Text Amendment Application  
    Variance Application Application  
    Special Event Application  
    Permit for Signs in ROW App.  
    Waiver Application  
    Home Occupation Application  
    Open Air Cafe/Display  
    Open Air Cafe/Display Template  
    Minor Work Permit Application  
    Major Work Permit Application  
Alterations to Plans Form Certification of Construction Methodology Form  
Authorized Agent Form Property Additions Form Local Business Tax Receipt  
Click2Gov Help Guide Paver Installation Guidlines SSN Collection  
Contractor Registration App. Form 2017 Standard Details (AutoCad Version)    
Contractor Registration Renewal App. Form 2017 Standard Details
(PDF Version)
Inspection Request Telephone Access System Form      
Data Summary Commercial Building Form Turnover Forms (.doc Version in a .zip folder)    
Data Summary Commercial Buildout Form      
Data Summary Residential Form      
Energy and Duct Affidavit Form      
Hurricane Mitigation Inspections Affidavit Form      
Flood Damage Prevention Worksheet Form      
Impact Fees Form      
Mechanical Roof Stand Inspection Affidavit      
Permit Fees Schedule Form      
Plant Capacity Fee Schedule      
Pool & Deck Permit Application Checklist Form      
Pool Safety Form      
Private Provider Registration Form      
Roof Inspection Affidavit      
Solar Panel Roof Inspection Affidavit      
Subcontractor Verification Form      
Temporary Power Form      
Utility Capacity Form      
    Workshop Brochure Truss Sign Information
    Registered Neighborhood Associations  

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