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Local Business Tax Receipt


All businesses, including home-based businesses, within the city limits must have a local business tax receipt before opening. All businesses are subject to local zoning approval. It is best to check local zoning laws before entering into any contractual obligations. After filing for a local business tax receipt, business owners will be notified of any inspections needed. There may be additional requirements.

Licenses are issued for a fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 and ending Sept. 30. Fees vary depending on the type of business. A business using any name other than the legal name of the owner, or a corporation using a name other than its legal corporate name, must register the fictitious name with the state of Florida. There is a cost for registering the name with the state. The registration is valid for five years. To register online:

In addition to having a City of Venice local business tax receipt, businesses need to obtain a Sarasota County business tax receipt. Contact the Sarasota Tax Collectors Office at (941) 861-8300, Option 3 or for information.

To confirm if a business is inside the city limits, receive a fee quote, or to apply for a business tax receipt, contact Roger Clark, (941) 486-2626, Ext. 28004 or e-mail:

To learn about economic incentives for establishing a new business in the City of Venice, call Finance Director Jeff Snyder, (941) 486-2626, Ext. 26006.

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