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Envision Venice

Comprehensive Plan

Volume 1: Goals, Objectives, and Policies
1. Land Use and Development Element 1-Future Land Use & Design (No Maps)
Element 2-Housing and Neighborhood Development
Element 3-Community Character and Historic Resources
2. Transportation and Community Connectivity Element 1-Transportation Infrastructure and Service Standards
Element 2-Community Linkages and Design
3. Public Services and Infrastructure Element 1-Utilities
Element 2-Public Facilities and Properties
Element 3-Emergency Management
4. Environment Element 1-Parks and Public Spaces
Element 2-Conservation and Open Space
Element 3-Coastal and Waterfront Management
5. Plan Implementation Element 1-Capital Improvements
Element 2-Regional Partnerships and Coordination
6. School Concurrency and Facilities Element 1-Public School Facilities
Appendices A
Future Land Use Map
Plan Area A (Tarpon)
Plan Area B (Heritage)
Plan Area C (Southern Gateway)
Plan Area D (Island Professional)
Plan Area E (City Center)
Plan Area F (North Gateway)
Plan Area G (Seaboard)
Plan Area H (East Gateway)
Plan Area I (South Laurel)
Plan Area J (Shakett Creek)
Plan Area K (Knights Trail)
Plan Area L (Gene Green)
JPA Overview
JPA Area 1 (Rustic Rd)
JPA Area 2a (Auburn Rd to I-75)
JPA Area 2b (I-75 to Jacaranda Blvd)
JPA Area 3 (Border Rd to Myakka)
JPA Area 4 (Venice Myakka River)
JPA Area 5 (S Venice Ave)
JPA Area 6 (Laurel Mixed Use)
JPA Area 7 (Pinebrook Rd)
JPA Area 8 (Auburn Rd)

Special Area Map (VOTI)
Special Area Map (VRMC)
Special Area Map (VRMC Core Campus)
Special Area Map (VRMC Medical Campus)