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The Engineering/Stormwater Department is divided into two major organizational units:


1. Engineering Department
The Engineering Department performs administrative activities, contract administration, design engineering, construction engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, capital project activities, and GIS activities that all relate to the management of assets throughout the city. The unit is located at Venice City Hall and is responsible for the development of capital projects from conception to completion. This division is responsible for the management of the engineering general funds and capital projects funds that are used to fund the capital projects.


  • Engineering design work is provided for in-house projects by qualified staff. Consultants are used for specialty work and are supervised by the city engineer. 
  • The engineering staff reviews construction plans and site plans to ensure private developments meet the city’s engineering codes and design standards.
  • If utilities or roadways built into a project are to be turned over to the city for future maintenance, engineering staff ensures that all infrastructure improvements are properly constructed and operational before presentation to the city council for acceptance.
  • The department also inspects privately constructed facilities that will be turned over to the city to assure proper methods are being used.
  • The city engineer advises other department directors, the city manager and the city council on matters related to modern engineering principles and practices.
  • The Engineering Department handles the day-to-day questions from citizens and works closely with the Finance Department in coordinating the budget. The engineering staff manages the stormwater fee database and field inspections.


    • Management duties involve administration, planning, capital improvement, construction, operation and maintenance. 


    • Administratively, the utility is responsible for calculating stormwater utility rates, billing, collection, enforcement, database management, technical assistance and compliance with regulations of other agencies. 


    • Planning duties include reviewing impacts of development on stormwater infrastructure and identification of service level deficiencies.
  • The stormwater utility also recommends capital improvements necessary to meet service level criteria established by the community for water quality and flood control.  All capital improvement projects are brought to the city council for approval.
2. Stormwater Division
The Stormwater Division is funded through a stormwater utility fund and provides support and maintenance of the city’s stormwater infrastructure. The Stormwater Management Utility was established in September 1995 as an enterprise fund to be used for stormwater management and related expenses only. The fund was originally established to provide adequate and stable funding for compliance with the city’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit and the capital improvements identified in the Stormwater Management Plan.
  • The stormwater supervisor coordinates the operation and maintenance tasks with the Public Works and Utility Departments to keep the city-owned infrastructure in good working condition.
  • All work performed by the utility is directed toward ensuring that the city’s NPDES permit conditions are met.

Stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Program

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Engineering/Stormwater related permits/applications:  Permits/Applications


Construction Permit: Construction permits must be obtained for all proposed improvements that require site and development plan review or other applicable City regulations. Improvements requiring a construction permit include streets, utility improvements, common use access driveways, multi-family, commercial, and industrial developments, etc.  The application shall be submitted with eight (8) sets of construction plans signed and sealed by a Florida licensed professional Engineer and a copy of the SWFWMD permit or completion letter.    

Construction Permit Modification: Modification of an approved Construction Permit requires submittal of eight (8) signed & sealed copies of any revised sheets.   

License Agreement Application:  This license is only granted for extreme hardship in removing encroachment on the city right of way or for special exceptions involving proposed encroachments into the city right of way; e.g. pavers installed over concrete per city details.

Right-of-Way Use Permit: A right-of-way use authorization must be obtained from the Engineering Department prior to initiating the installation of any improvements or conducting any construction activities within the city right of way.

Site Preparation Permit: This permit is required for any construction activity that has the potential to pollute an existing drainage system or a receiving body of water, such as earthmoving, site clearing, concrete pouring, boat dock installations, and demolitions.

Engineering/Stormwater related forms:  Forms

Property Additions Form:  A Property Additions form must be completed and approved by the Engineering Department for all additions to existing structures.  Submittal requirements are summarized in the form.

Certification of Construction:  This form must be completed, signed and sealed by the site drainage engineer upon completion of construction.