Floodplain Questionnaire


In order to better serve the community, the City continually seeks information from our residents. Please complete and submit the following brief, anonymous, questionnaire.

This questionnaire is submitted anonymously. However, you may leave your contact information if you would like someone in the Engineering department to contact you.
You may also call the Engineering department at 941-486-2626.

1. In which neighborhood do you reside?
2. What are the natural flood hazards in your neighborhood?
3. What problems do the natural flood hazards present to your neighborhood and your property?
4. What solutions would you propose?
  This questionnaire is submitted anonymously. However, feel free to leave your contact information if you choose.

Community Rating System (CRS)
The National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP's) Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes communities for implementing floodplain management practices that exceed the Federal minimum requirements of the NFIP to provide protection from flooding. In exchange for a community's proactive efforts to reduce flood risk, policyholders can receive reduced flood insurance premiums for buildings in the community. The City of Venice is rated a Class 6 community, and our residents receive up to a 20% discount on flood insurance premiums. Public meetings are posted in local media and on the City of Venice website at https://venice.legistar.com/Departments.aspx

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Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)
A Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) is a plan developed by the county to reduce and or eliminate the risks associated with natural and man-made hazards. The City of Venice is a member of the Sarasota County Joint LMS, which comprises the cities of Venice, North Port and Sarasota, the town of Longboat Key, and Sarasota County.