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City of Venice, Florida Special Event On-Line Application


Special Event Coordinator
City of Venice Planning and Zoning Department
401 West Venice Avenue
Venice, FL 34285

Event Information

Name of Event: (required)
Event Date(s): (required)
Hours open to the public:
Sun: Mon: Tues: Wed: Thurs:
Fri: Sat:
Set up date:
Break down date:
Location Requested:
Estimated Attendance:
Open to the public: Yes No
Event is a: Fundraiser For Profit Neither
Contact Person:
Daytime Phone: Cell Phone:
Organization: Not for profit For profit
Street Address: City: State: Zip:

Please check if you plan to include the following during the event:
Food/Drink Sales Yes No Water Service Yes No
Port-O-Lets Yes No Alcohol Yes No
Electricity Yes No Music Yes No
Cooking Yes No Vendors Yes No
Others Yes No  
Signs (Click to view) Yes No  
Tent(s) Yes No Size
Canopy Yes No Size

If tents (200 sq. ft. or larger) and/or canopies (400 sq. ft. or larger) are used, the applicant understands that a permit will be required by the Building Dept. and agrees to schedule an inspection with the Fire Marshal.

Services requested:
Street Closure Yes No Overnight Security Yes No
Showmobile Yes No Crowd Control Yes No
Police Protection Yes No Extra Trash Bins (Bags not included) Yes No
Traffic Control Yes No Barricades Yes No
Dumpster Yes No    

Provide a narrative detailing proposed event: (required)

Special Event Accessibility Policy: Sidewalks and ramps will remain clear and free from hazards and obstacles that would prevent the use of the right of way by people with disabilities, and particularly the use of wheelchairs. Designated handicap parking spaces are to remain clear for use by vehicles with handicap permits.

The applicant and the event holder agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Venice from any and all legal actions, claims, demands and damages arising out of, or related to, this permit and/or the subject special event.