Frequently Asked Questions


What is the BUS Program?


Bravo for Ultimate Service is an employee incentive program based on the PRIDE (Productive, Responsible, Innovative, Dedicated, Ethical) initiative adopted by City Council.  The program rewards employees for going above and beyond what is normally expected of them. 


Who is eligible to participate in the BUS Program?


All city employees, excluding department directors. 


How will the city monitor the program?


The department head staff meetings will include discussions on a regular basis to ensure consistency among departments.  The PRIDE Committee members will be monitoring the program for at least the first year. 


What is a program year?


'The program year is based on the calendar year.


Who is the PRIDE Committee?


'Membership of the PRIDE Committee normally consists three management representatives.   


How will the public notify management to recognize employees’ exceptional service?


The PRIDE Committee is developing ideas and concepts, such as bumper stickers for city vehicles, cards similar to a business card to hand out to citizens, information on the city’s Web site and media coverage.  The public’s calls and e-mails will be routed to the Public Information Officer.   


How do I qualify for a Bus Token?


An employee must perform an action that goes beyond expectation in an area of a routine task.  The action must be observed by someone – a supervisor, department head, fellow employee, or citizen. 


An employee may receive praise from a fellow employee, citizen, supervisor or department head, but it may not qualify as a BUS Token.  Ask yourself this question:  “Did this employee go above and beyond their normal job duties or were they doing their assigned job?”  If they went above and beyond their normal job duties, they qualify for a BUS Token. 


Who can give out Bus Tokens?


A director or supervisor will give out a BUS Token based on the recommendation of the person who observed the action.


Can the program work across departmental lines?


Yes.  For example, a supervisor in the Public Works Department can award a token to an individual in the Utilities Department.  The Public Works supervisor must notify the employee’s immediate supervisor.  Directors and supervisors will keep track of the tokens given out by using a form on the S drive.  There will be individual(s) in each department authorized to enter the information on the S drive. 


What do I do with the Bus Tokens?


'Keep them in a safe place.  Once you collect five, turn them into your supervisor or director.  You will receive $50 in exchange for five tokens.  Your supervisor or director will turn the tokens into the Administrative Services Department (ASD); ASD will coordinate payment.


Do BUS Tokens expire?




How does an employee qualify for a BUS Pass?


You must provide excellent service to others, or establish a new level of excellence in duties through self initiative and exemplary behavior.  The impact must be significant to a work group, division, department, organization or the community.


How does an employee get nominated for a BUS Pass?


Directors or supervisors complete the form on the S drive and include as much detail as possible.  The PRIDE Committee reviews applications to determine whether a BUS Pass is warranted.  A token should be given at the same time.


How does an employee qualify for a City Manager PRIDE Award?


The PRIDE Committee evaluates all BUS Pass recipients to determine if they qualify for a City Manager PRIDE Award.


How does an employee qualify for a Mayor and City Council PRIDE Award?


The PRIDE Committee evaluates all City Manager PRIDE Award recipients to determine whether they qualify for a Mayor and City Council PRIDE Award.


How many recipients can there be?


There is no minimum or maximum.  Awards will be based on merit and will be awarded accordingly. 


When will awards be given?


BUS Tokens will be given on the spot.  BUS Passes will be given throughout the year, as warranted.  City Manager’s PRIDE Awards will be given throughout the year, as warranted.  Mayor and City Council’s PRIDE Awards will be given after the program year, as warranted. 


What programs are being replaced by the BUS Program?


The customer service evaluation forms, Employee of the Quarter and Employee Suggestions will be replaced by the BUS Program. 


Is the city eliminating employee performance appraisals?




What are some examples of the categories that PRIDE represents?


Productive – Public and customer service excellence

Responsible – heroism

Innovative – creative solutions

Dedicated – service to community

Ethical – human relations


What does service to the community mean?


If, in your capacity as a city employee, representing the city, and your actions bring positive attention to the city.  An example is serving on the board of your professional organization or winning an award on behalf of the city.